001- Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon
I wake up in the morning the white lace curtains sway in the breeze. My clock chirps 7am, "If you sleep longer, you'll be late!", Mama cries out. I nod off thinking "Just let me sleep 3 more minutes" I'm late, just like everyday. Teacher makes me stand in the hall. I fail another test. On the way home from school, I eat crepes with my friends. A party dress decorating a show window catches my eye Even the little things make me happy. It's that...that ordinary life I want back...I want back...

 Mercury Dies (45)

 Umino (26)

 Naru & Usagi (18)

 Rei Ami & Luna (16)

 Papa (9)

 Haruna (2P)

 Makoto Skating (39)

 Moon Concerned (45)

 Drunk Princess (22)

 Minako (39)

 Tux & Jedite (13p)

 Usagi & Luna (6)
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Curator: ladyhipoo
Gallery Created: 10/5/2002

Presentation 8.59/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.92/10   Votes 62 votes
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